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Vocalcoaching/Stagecoaching & Bodywork

I started to work as a vocal coach in 2016. Since then my desire to share my knowledge about singing technique and music has grown, as well as wanting to help people discover their individual voices. 

I give a lot of importance to the individual process of each student, with the knowledge of how the voice is a reflection of our personality. Powerful and meaningful - it can not only discover various techniques of singing, but also help with self-development, even lifting us on a spiritual level.


A list of potential goals/outcomes from lessons could be:


  • to gain control over your singing and speaking voice, learning about body coordination, techniques in breathing and the right use of your muscles 

  • an improved stage presentation and techniques to practice for advanced singers and professionals

  • the elimination of habits that harm your voice, overcoming hoarseness and tightness of the throat 

  • just to discover the plain pleasure of making music, singing and activating your body :)



Through my additional training as a coach I became aware of an intense observation and improvement of individual processes of the body, learning about strategies and techniques to train body alignment and coordination.

I am including these experiences in my vocal lessons because I discovered the importance of this and it’s influence to our voice. Above all, the significance of just enjoying yourself while singing and making music would be the focus as one of the main interests in my lessons and coachings - linking a healthy use of the voice and the pleasure of making music!

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